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- The Creative Spirit -

Graphic Designer & Coffee Addict

University-qualified Graphic Designer and life affirmed total badass. Quirky, fun and full of contradictions. Daylights as a functioning member of society and becomes a sparkly, glitter-spewing Unicorn at any given moment. 


She can also design the shit outta pretty much

anything you throw at her. Seriously. 

- The Editor - 

Editor & Sports Fanatic

Spreadsheet enthusiast who passed the MENSA test but doesn't pay his membership fees, this grammar guru loves a pun, lives for surf and the stage, has a fear of heights, and is a fan of the Oxford comma.

Writing stories and telling tales

since the tender age of 5, this pen wielding dynamo has a flair for the dramatic, knows the difference between their, there and they're and isn't afraid to apply it, as required. 


Captain Boogs

Office Mascot &

 Full-time Trouble Maker. 

Likes: Sausages, The Beach, Gaming

Dislikes: sitting still


The Bud-ster

Head of Office Morale &

Full-time Rocket Enthusiast

Likes: Gaming, family and food

Dislikes: Flies, extreme temperatures and eggplant


Chief Cheeky

Chief Popcorn Eater & Animal Enthusiast

Likes: Archie the dog and Popcorn. 

Dislikes: Mashed potato, bok-choy and people who are unkind


Miss Sassy Pants

Snack Stealer and Attention Grabber

Likes: Being Cheeky,  Singing + Dancing

Dislikes: The Vacuum, Being removed from her brothers room. 

Meet the Team

Our Mission


I'm allergic to bullshit + boring. I'm raw, uncomplicated and I say what I mean. I'm pretty good at reading a design situation and will probably pre-empt what you want before you do. I work tirelessly in the pursuit of good design and try and write the design wrongs as best I can, by correcting as many bad designs as I humanly can. 

I'm a Designer

( You've probably figured that out  )

I'm a Mum

( I can multi-task with the best of them )

Coffee Lover 

(I'm always full of beans, literally )

Perfection - seeking - person

( Like the true cancerian I am )


No bullshit  barrier

( You get quality, time efficiency and a knack for figuring out what you want before you do )

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